10 Essential iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S news apps in 2012

10 Essential iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S news apps in 2012

iPhonestic brings you 10 Essential iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S news apps in 2012. Hundreds of news apps are available on App Store, so it’s harder to choose best among them as many of them are very good. So here is our pick of the best among them. These apps will satisfy your inner news junkie with breaking news alerts, in-depth reporting and lots of multimedia content.


The official news app from CNN for mobile phones. You can get news from around the globe. The app will provide you with breaking news alerts and many more. Beyond breaking news, it will be provide you with international, CNNMoney, tech and entertainment headlines as well as CNN blog stories. You can watch video coverage of news. It’s available free on App Store.

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Breaking News

Breaking News in an official and trusted source of news for everyone. Every news which comes via this app is authenticated by many sources first, then it will be provided to you. There are many more features, you can get push notifications of big and favorite news. You can add news to favorites to revisit it later. It’s available free on App Store.

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This app will provide article from your favorite magazines. It’s very easy to use and very exciting to read. It has more than 15M users, and it can provide news which you read wherever you are even without internet. This app have got an award of Apple’s Design. This is a must get app for everyone. You can get news from many top news sources and can be shared to your social networking sites. It’s available free on App Store.

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Instapaper is a very great app, really easy to use. You can find articles which you like and the pages can be saved for later readings. You can also browse articles posted by your friends on Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. You can send to Instapaper from more than 150 other apps on iPhone. It’s available in $2.99 on App Store.

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New York Times

Enjoy the award winning journalism on NYTimes app for iPhone. All the users can access the top stories on NY Times.The slideshows and photos are also available with every article. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections plus unlimited access to NYTimes.com. The app is available free on App Store, however, different subscription options are available to get the best of app.

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 NPR News

NPR News for iPhone and iPod touch is the ultimate portable NPR experience. You can read and follow local and national news. Beside this you can listen to many of your favorite NPR stations from anywhere you are. This app will provide you with hourly NPR news updates. The App is really easy to use, everyone can use this app without any difficulty. It’s available free on App Store.

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AP Mobile

AP mobile is the most accurate and most comprehensive news app for your iPhone. It offers you great local and international news. You can personalize news according to your needs. It is an award winning app from Associated Press. The news are selected from your trusted local newspapers and broadcasters and combine it with the best of AP’s videos an photos. It’s available free on App Store.

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The app is very well designed and very easy to use. The top searches which are considered as trusted are included in this app. Microsoft’s technology is used to bring you a very unique and great app. You can access everyday’s headlines and stories from around the globe, watch videos on different topics, and with integrated twitter you can share any topic in your social networking. the app is available free on App Store.

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Zite is very good and intelligent app, you can make personalized magazine, the automatically learns which thing you love to read and with time it gets smarter. It will deliver you all the news, blogs and many more you want.It also have auto-suggest tool which will help you to discover about your favorite area of interest. Whether it’s technology, sports, or any other topic. The app is available free on App Store.

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Fluent News

Fluent News beautifully designed customized mobile newspaper. You can create three custom sections in the newspaper which should be based on keyword searches. Many sources can be added in this app and you can disable any of them which you want. The app was selected #1 This app has premium version which has many more features. One of the version is available free on the App Store.

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Last Updated: August 4, 2012

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