10 Most Viral iPhone apps of May 2012

10 Most Viral iPhone apps of May 2012

iPhonestic brings reviews of 10 Most Viral apps of May 2012. Many great apps were released for iPhone this month, many of them were very good and exciting but here are the apps which were liked by most of the people. If you have not tried any of these apps you should get it and try it today.

1) Sounder: Just talk

This is a Social Networking app which promises to keep your data save. It is rated 4+ by the users. With this app you can talk with the people who matter most. You can talk with them live until you haven’t selected the option ‘Do Not Disturb’. It does not require any inbox message or ringer alert you just have to press a button and you are talking with people. Very good voice transmission make it more special. Flip to answer is the most amazing option in it and a slider to gain accessibility is super cool. It is very secure to use, you just need a Facebook account to use this app. Don’t worry if you have iPhone 3g or 3gs, it is also compatible with them. It is available free on Appstore.



sounderjusttalk menu sounderjusttalk friend

2) Hiragana Party Pixel

Interested in learning Japanese ? Then this app might be a good exercise for you. Hiragana party pixel challenges you to match Japanese syllabus with hiragana or katakana in 200 missions. This app is not only for the people who want to learn Japanese, every person can enjoy it for sure. You’ll start learning Japanese without noticing. I think it is better than boring lectures to learn any language as a game, you should get this app and start learning today. Hiragana party pixel is available on Appstore as free trial app download and you can buy it in $1.99.


hiraganapp missions

hiragana partypixels


This friendly app has lot of features which can inspire you on daily basis.it’s kind of web page with personal assistance. This version is better and faster than the previous version. It will provide you with daily local and international news. Konki Rocks will provide you with music you will like. The most attractive thing in the app is 3D animated character named Konki which moves around. That Konki also tell you jokes to and will tell you inspirational quotes. It also have much more features like daily horoscope, calender, Konki facts, Konki challenges and man more. The app is very friendly and it’s available on Appstore for free, it’s also compatible with iPhone 3gs.



iamkonki signup iamkonki menu

4) Clueful

Clueful is developed by BitDefender can scan your iPhone apps and can tell you what type of information is that app accessing. With this you can find which app can track you location, app that can read you address book, apps that might drain battery, apps that us iPhone’s unique id, apps that display add, apps that gather analytics. it retrieves information from Clueful Cloud. It’s the space developed by BitDefenfer, where all the data on apps is maintained. BitDefender claims that it can it can tell you about misdemeanant apps, but iPhone users don’t have to worry much about malware because Apple test apps and then they are available on Appstore. This app is available on Appstore for $3.99.


clueful idapps clueful addapps

5) iTranslate

If you are traveling to different countries or you have friends in other countries, then you should have this app. This app is developed by Sonico GmbH. I think this app has better voice recognition than Apple’s Siri. This app can recognize your voice and it can translate it into 31 other languages. It can also help you in learning different languages. This app also have a older version in which you write in a language you select and app will translate into desired language. It’s older version was failed to improve people but this version is rated 4.5+ by users. This app is available on Appstore in just $0.99, and totally worth it.

itranslator options

itranslator app itranslator

6) Tom Daley Dive

The game has been developed by London-Based Chelsea Apps Factory. Players have to perfect their dive on different Olympic venues. It is the first diving game which is very rich in graphics. The game challenges player to master the dive, it’s 3D rendered game. Player have to practice to unlock different dives. The game has 6 different camera angles for viewing, and you can see replay of every dive in different angles. It is not an easy game as it looks. You have to purchase full range of dives to win a gold medal in any championship. It is available free on Appstore.

tomdaley menu

tomdaley game tomdaleydiving

7) Scalado PhotoBeamer

Scalado PhotoBeamer is a new and easier way to show you photos on large screen. App is very simple to use, you just have to point your iPhone towards a larger screen, and you can show pictures without any wires or Bluetooth connection or any other formalities. You just have to make sure that larger screen display is connected to internet and the browser to be opened on www.photobeamer.com. It works with both Wifi and 3g network, this app is available on Appstore for $0.99. It is also compatible with iPhone 3gs and iPhone 3g.

scalador photobeamer

8) N.O.V.A 3

N.O.V.A (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) 3 is developed by Gameloft, it was said about it’s older versions that they are copy of Halo but N.O.V.A 3 was just amazing, very different and very good then previous editions. It is a first person shooting game which is full of action. You play as Kal Wardin in game. Gameplay start as the Volterite army invade earth. You have to fight these army in 5 hours of campaign in single player. You can play multiplayer with up to 12 players. The graphics of the game are really great and ever changing environment make it a great game on smart phone. It is available in Appstore for $6.99.

nova3street nova3

9) Air Mail

It may sounds you like latest feature on iOS or sounds like a way of communicating with others, but in fact, its a game. In Air Mail you play as a young lad that joins a group of island pilots. You have to perform missions in the game. The missions will be like delivering a package to some destination, but as the game goes on missions will get hard, like in the next missions you’ll have to pick a package from a destination than you have to deliver it to some destination. There will many other missions like in one of the mission you have to fly low and catch some fishes. I hope you got some idea of the game. It’s a very interesting game, you should get it now. It is available on Appstore for $2.99.

airmailflying airmail

10) KLIK

The real time facial recognition camera app was released from face.com, this app debuted in January 2012 but face.com released version 1.0 in may 2012 with enhanced features, this is a clever software, it learns with its mistakes. This app can recognize your friends even before you have taken picture. It will tag your friends automatically, making it easier for you. It will only recognize the faces of your friends, which shows this app cannot disturb anyone’s privacy. The most amazing thing about this app is, it’s available absolutely free on Appstore.



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