3 useful video tutorials to help you in iPhone development

3 Useful Video Tutorials to Help you in iPhone Development

iPhonestic brings you 3 Useful Video Tutorials to help you in iPhone Development. Apple allows everyone to develop and upload apps for iPhone, so many of us naturally wants to learn iPhone development but some people don’t get time to go outside to learn, so they decide to take online courses. Some of them can afford the courses and many want to take free courses. So here is our pick for both types. 

Apple’s Official Videos

Obviously the best teachers who can help you learn iPhone development are Apple engineers. Lots of videos are available for learning. Subscription is required to learn from engineers. Different programs are available, iOS development from company or individual will need a subscription of $99 and enterprise program will require $299, and a free program is also available as iOS University Program. Mac and Safari development programs are also available, Mac development require subscription of $99, however, the Safari development program is free. Other programs are also there like MFi licensing program in which licensed developers gain access to technical documentation and hardware components. If you are not ready to join any of the programs, you can register as a free developer with restricted usage. Here is the links for further info and registration process.



Stanford University – iPhone Development Programming

Stanford University’s program have provided with a great forum to learn iPhone development. The free video lessons are available absolutely free, along with lessons all the assignments and class slides are accessible. For this course you should have experience in development with object oriented programming. It is stated very clearly that if you are not familiar with development in object oriented then you should first go through it’s basics, however, the overview of object oriented programming is available in the start og lectures. Before taking lectures you should get either Xcode 3 from Mac OS X 10.6 installation DVD and then installl iOS SDK or you should get Xcode 4 from the Mac App Store in $5. All of them are uploaded on iTunes as free lectures also. Tuition fee at Stanford university start from $3800 a year. So it’s very great to get their lessons for free. You should try this. Here are the links.





iPhone Video Tutorials by Joshua McGinnis

The great set of video tutorials are provided for everyone by Joshua McGinnis on YouTube. Everything is explained very well and the tutorials are being started from very beginning. The videos are more than 35. Joshua McGinnis has tried it for the first time and did it very well. I suggest everyone who wants to take lectures for free should watch these videos. The tutorials start from very basics, installing Xcode and iPhone SDK, and cover all the topics very well by time. Here is the link.


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Last Updated: August 5, 2012

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