3D Maps in iPhone 5 In-depth Review

3D Maps in iPhone 5 In-depth Review

Apple and Google together were integrating Google maps in Apple’s products from a long time but now Apple will launch it’s own mapping service in iOS 6, which probably will be announced with iPhone 5. This means iPhone 5 will be the first device with Apple’s maps, offcourse updates will be available for other devices. The maps will have all the same features as Google maps, but some extra features will be available in new maps.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Turn-by-turn directions and 3D maps for virtual flyovers. Google too have announced 3D maps for Android but they aren’t launched yet. With Apple’s Turn-by-turn feature, you can ask Siri about the way and as you appraoch the turn map will speak where to go then, no problems if you couldn’t turn, it will re-route you if you miss any turn.

Real-Time Traffic for ETA

Another feature you’ll get, real-time traffic information to calculate your ETA. Apple maps will tell you about the alternative routes is there’s a major incident, it will also tell you about the temporary slowdown.

Flyovers and other Features

The map will show you major metro areas from air with photo-realistic, interactive 3D views. You can rotate, tilt, zoom, and pan around different cities and landmarks. Siri will find you a way no matter where you are on the planet and guides you along the fastest route, and it will find you different places for you like, it can find you different restaurants, hotels, and many other places. Of course this was also available with Goole maps but Apple have tried it at it’s own which is good sign for a company as it depends on it’s own resources.

You can get a full review of a local place. all information you want to know, will be provided. Even ratings and deals, to save you money, will be provided. 

All the features sounds great. Many of the features are not mentioned as most of us already familiar with those like street view like Google’s Maps and finding different places. We are hoping that Apple’s maps and iPhone 5 will rock after the launch.


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Post Title: 3D Maps in iPhone 5 In-depth Review

Last Updated: August 7, 2012

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