Attractive iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Cases for women

10 Attractive iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Cases for women

iPhonestic brings you 10 Attractive iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cases for women. If you want to keep you iPhone save and at the mean time want it to look smarter than you should get a case for your phone. Here are some of the attractive iPhone cases. You can get any of them from the link given at end.

Bow Knot

Bow Knot is a high quality cover, diamond is used in the cover which is fixed very well. It looks beautiful and changes the look of you iPhone to your liking. Beside these it also provides protection to your phone, keeps dust away and make your phone scratch resistance. It’s available in $15.88.

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Swarovski Hello Kitty

This is a very good looking case. Original Swarovski crystals are used on the case. The crystals are placed only on the back, which means your phone won’t get too fat. It also provides protection to your phone. It’s available in $45.

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Clear Bow Hand Made

Clear Bow looks simple and a very stylish iPhone cover. The bow is made with original rhinestone crystals. This case gives extra protection to the sides of the phone. It’s available in $4.99.

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Betty Boop Sexy Red & Black

Betty Boop is a good case for your iPhone. Betty Boop stands out among the sea of red and black rhinestone crystals. It looks pretty good and all the openings and buttons can be accessed easily while using this cover. It’s available in $38.

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Hunger Games Mockingjay inspired

The case is made of durable plastic and aluminium, which protects your phone from scratches and dust. A unique printing is used to make the printing permanent. The case looks pretty good. It’s available in $17.99.

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Michael Kors Wallet Clutch

Michael Kors Wallet Crunch is specially designed for women. When your device is so vulnerable to scratches and damages then you have to buy a case for it to keep it safer,  Michael Kors Wallet crunch is a good choice to keep it safe. Classic and luxurious Michael Kors Wallet blends an iPhone 4 and a wallet. When you open it, you’ll have a designer’s wallet on the left side and you iPhone on the right side. A solid side spine adds a protective layer to add more durability. It is available in stores for $108 .

Handcrafted leather wallet

The handcrafted leather wallet has crocodile effect and it’s made up of genuine red leather. It offers great protection for your phone and beside protection it looks great. The red OOAK leather is used and it has guarantee for non tearing. It’s available in $38.

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Crystal Case – Pink

Crystal Case is a very good choice for your phone. It looks classy and it’s made up of original swarovski crystals. Adhesive used in this cover is among the best available. Beside it’s classy look it will provide your phone protection from scratches and fingerprints. It’s available in $38.99

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SUPER BLING Icy cluster sequin case

The cover looks very good and it’s made of cluster sequins. This cover is alternative to swarovski crystals. People will ask you, for sure, about the cover if you get. Beside all these it will give your phone protection which we want the most. The cover is available in $35

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Silhouette I

Many of us want our cover to be light weighted and it should look good. Silhouette does the same. It’s a very light-weighted cover made of plastic. It can give your phone extra protection against dust, scratches, and fingerprints. It’s available in different colors in $35.

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Last Updated: July 29, 2012

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