5 Best iPhone 4/4S Camera Lenses

5 Best iPhone 4/4S Camera Lenses

iPhonestic brings you 5 Best iPhone 4/4S Camera Lenses. Today in most cases the camera in your smartphone is your camera so that should be great so you could capture any moment you want. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S both have great camera, perhaps one of the best in smart phones today. But you can’t get all the features on phone and this can’t be resolved by downloading any app. So you have to get lenses to get desired features. So here is our pick of the best lenses.

Owle Bubo

The Owle Bubo is a metal mount and stabilizer which allows the owners to attach it to their iPhone 4. Beside a great lens for camera this lense include lights and tripods. The Owle Bubo comes with a macro lens which is 37mm wide. A small microphone is also attached that plugs into iPhone‘s headphone jack. Solid chunk of metal shaped for two-handed grip eliminates and give the rig stability. It’s a great accesory to get great picture on your iPhone. It’s available in $170. Also available for iPhone 3G/3GS in $160.

owle bubo iPhone4


OlloClip is a 3-in-1 Lense. It’s three lenses add three different features in your camera, functions added are Wide Angle, Fish Eye, and Macro. It’s made¬†with combination of plastic and metal. The lense can be placed on both sidess. One of the side is larger which has fisheye lens and the other side has macro and wide angle lens. You don’t have to worry about your camera with this accesory. Crystal won’t get a single scratch because of this. It’s available in $69.99.

Olloclip iphone4

The iPhone Lens Dial

The iPhone Lens Dial also known as PhotoJojo is a very great and cool accesory made of aluminium. The camera lenses on the back looks like an old phone’s dialler.It have three lenses: fisheye, wide range, and telephoto. They can be rotated to change the lens that covers camera of your iPhone. Beside being very handy and great, it looks really cool but it’s pretty expensive so you have to take care of it so much. It’s available in $249.

iPhone4 Lens Dial


The Onchee is very good deal for everyont. Although it’s not easy to pick it and move around but it’s quality will cover this. You’ll get five different lenses in the deal. Included in the kit are wide angle, fisheye, 2x, 9x, and 12x teephoto lens. All the lenses take great shots. You can get all these powerful and great lenses in $89.

onchee iphone 4

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit is a very unique camera filter set. It also works as a case to your iPhone to provide it security as well. The filter¬†wheel is attached to the case. The wheel filter have nine special effects taht covers your iPhone camera. You can spin the wheel to change the effect. The effects are: Dual Image Lens, Triple Image Lens, Quadruple Image Lens, 60mm macro lens, empty Hole, Red filter with with heart shape center, Red filter, Yellow filter, Blye Filter, and Green filter. It’s available in $24.99.

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Post Title: 5 Best iPhone 4/4S Camera Lenses

Last Updated: August 19, 2012

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  1. kevin May 23, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

    the onchee plastic case are pure crap and made of the flimsy extremely weak plastic. If it breaks as my has done around the mounting area of the lenses. You can not use any of the lenses. I highly rec-recommend NOT BUYING this product as I have broke two cases and use the up most diligence in handling them. Then the company blames the individual for there crappy cases when they break

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