5 best iPhone Music Apps of 2012

5 best iPhone Music Apps of 2012

iPhonestic brings you 5 Best iPhone Music Apps of 2012. Music is part of our life now, so we should be provided with music apps, and App Store provide us lots of music apps everyday. Most of us get confuse which one we should get and which to leave, so here is the list of best among them. You’ll not be confused after this.

Discovr Music

As the name suggests, this app will help you find music of your favorite artist. Along with the artist name you enter, it will give you suggestion of more artists that have similar music styles. And if you click other artist it will give you more suggestion. After clicking the artist’s circle this app will provide you with his biography and then it will take you the artist’s collection. This app is ranked number 1 music app in 52 countries including US, Japan, Australia & across Europe. It is available in $1.99.

Discovr home Discovr suggestions
Discovr biography Discovr artist 


TuneWiki can provide sub-titled lyrics to your songs. It can translate lyrics to more than 40 languages. You can get songs of your favorite artist. You can listen to ShoutCast Radio player and get lyrics to music and songs from Internet radio. Watch you favorite videos on Youtube using TuneWiki. This app is available free on App Store.

TuneWiki home TuneWiki Menu
TuneWiki MyMusic TuneWiki Youtube


Figure is a music making app. This app will let you create a song with three tracks through a series of taps. This app restricts you by only giving base, drum and lead to work with. Any sort of conventional note input is also prevented, and you are limited to a pre-quantised range of notes. So it’s pretty hard to make bad sound. This app is real fun. It’s available in App Store for $0.99.

Figure Figure tap
Figure range Figure making

Rhythm Studio

Rhythm Studio has advanced music making features. It’s easy user interface is key to it’s success. It is rated 1 in 12 countries and rated 4+ by the users. It is a must have app especially for musicians. It resembles to real instruments, one button does only one thing as in real life. It’s just like, having a studio of rare vintage synths and drum machines in the palm of your hand. It is available in $4.99.

RhythmStudio loading RhythmStudio
RhythmStudio Home RhythmStudio instruents


gMusic is the number one selling Google music app for iOS. This little app can store up to 20000 songs in the cloud. This app is available in app store from last year but it’s updated version is simply great. It is selected in top 3 music apps in www.bestappever.com. The songs you store in cloud can be accessed from many devices. You can make your own playlist and can edit it when ever you want. It’s loading time is very fast and you’ll like it for sure. It’s powered by Last.fm and available in App Store for $1.99.

gMusic gMusic SignIn


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Last Updated: July 23, 2012

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