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5 Cool rumors about iPhone 5

iPhonestic bring 5 cool rumors about iPhone 5. People were expecting a new thing in iPhone 4s but expectation of most people were dashed at WWDC when Apple showed same design for third time, but this will not be the case in October’s launch. iPhone 5 is rumored to be different device, here are the some facts which proves that.

New Design for iPhone 5

iPhone5 2

 The rumors about iPhone 4s were dashed at WWDC, as the same design was given for the third time. What Apple will have in stores for us now ?

The smart money points towards 4-inch screen of iPhone 5. Leaked technical blueprints indicates that company is looking for a taller device. Since we all have seen photo of entire casing, a leaked front panel, and a hands-on video. All of these shares same dimensions.

The interesting thing is iPhone 5 seems to be taller but not wider than iPhone 4s. It would likely have screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. Which means it’s bigger screen is not just for the sake to compete with Android phones.

The problem with a different sized screen or with a different aspect ratio is that all the app developers have to re-designtheir apps, as they had to do when apple launched it’s original retina display, which will require some time definitely.

Will it be Waterproof ?

HZO, the company which have worked a lot to make the chip waterproof from inside. They showed demo in which the iPod touch was dipped into water and in water it was playing music without any stoppage.

Pocket link said that they have heard from HZO boss that Apple and Samsung are interested in this technology but HZO has nothing to say about this, Apple might have told them to keep quite.

Apple had worked with them in past

New Operating system iOS 6

Apple has already launched it’s latest version of operating system, and they have highlighted some main features of their new OS. 

One new main feature of this new operating system is it’s map software which is powered by Apple instead of Google maps which is currently used by iPhone. Another development is, the apple has given to Siri. It can tell you newly launched apps and many more.

They also have inserted some new features in the Game Center. The idea of launching social network, which will be based on mobile gaming is not completed. There’s a hope that they will invest more in this idea.

New features in Camera

What can Apple do with camera after enabling HDR photos in iPhone 4s and 1080p resolution video recording. Sony had been working on special camera sensor which allows HDR movies as well. So there’s a rumor that iPhone 5 will have HDR video as well. HDR is a technique which balances light sources to have a colorful image.

Newly unveiled iOS 6 allows better photo sharing options on Facebook and twitter but in there’s a rumor that iPhone 5 will have better and much improved photo sharing option.


Significant boost was given to iPhone 4s over iPhone 4 which helped it improving it’s processing and also it’s gaming abilities, but as the new software demand more services. So it would be shame if new device starts struggle because of that.

The A5 chip in iPhone 4s is designed for the 1GHz mark. The A5x chip was introduced with new iPad which was quiet good, so we might get A5x chip in iPhone 5 as well, but Apple would unveil A6 quad-core chip for iPhone 5, which can provide some serious power.

Will it be 4G ?

Apple advertised it’s new iPad as a fast 4G device, but it was not a 4G device technically. it runs actually on LTE network which brings us to entirely new different thing. This brought some serious damages to Apple especially in Australia.

LTE network will be compatible with Apple device, and there’s a rumor that iPhone will have LTE network, but iPhone 5 should have fast internet to get attention of the people.

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Last Updated: July 8, 2012

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    WONDERFUL Post. thanks f�r aktienbasierte.. mehr warten…..

  2. Sophie August 1, 2012 at 7:41 am #

    These are some really good insiders. I would now love to buy the iPhone 5 and would want to use the features easily. I have heard its dock connector has been reduced to 19 pins as well.



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