5 Coolest iPhone Games of 2012

5 Coolest iPhone Games of 2012

iPhonestic brings reviews of 5 coolest games of 2012. This year was full of excitements and debuts, many games are released for iPhone this year, many  of them were very good and exciting but there are best five among them. If you have not tried any of these games you should get it and try it today.

1) Angry Birds Seasons

angry birds

 When you open the Appstore first thing you’ll see is the angry birds, the most popular game of iPhone these days and probably most popular of all time. It’s updated Seasons edition is ever-expanding masterwork and it is unstoppable.The game is being splitted in two parts. One is named ‘Seasons 2011‘ and the other is ‘Seasons 2012′ and both the seasons have different episodes in them, and once you have started playing it you’ll be automatically attracted towards the game and you’ll not stop until its last stage. I think it is the most addictive game on iPhone.

angry birds seasons 300x200

Seasons 2012 Episodes


piglantis 300x200

Year of the Dragon

year of dragon 300x200

Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom 300x200

Wreck the Halls

wreck the halls 300x200



Seasons 2011 Episodes

Moon Festival

moom festivals 300x200

Summer Pignic

summer pignic 300x200

Easter Eggs

easter eggs 300x200

Go green, Get Lucky

go green get lucky 300x200

Hogs and Kisses

hogs and kisses 300x200

Seasons Greedings

seasons greedings 300x200

Trick of Treat

trick or treat 300x200

2) Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 is amazing game for iPhones, iPods & iPads. Rated 10/10 by users. Most attractive about this game is its retina display & wonderful graphics.  3D environment of game will take you to illusion of reality, you will feel like actual racer of game EXPERIENCE IT! Classy vehicles in game are mostly copied from world’s best manufacturers like BMW and Chevrolet. You can also play it with your friends just by clicking multi-player option, for this you should be connected with internet. I challenge you: You will simply love this game, TRY IT ONCE.

 real racing iphone

real racing volvo 300x200 real racing 2 300x200
real racing mustang 300x200 real racing environment 300x200

3) FIFA 11

The iPhone version of FIFA 11. It is very similar to console game and have almost all the feature of console gaming. It also have deep listing of teams of world. You can also customize your teams and players. It has different championships of world teams and club level teams, and multi-player feature for playing with friends is also available. FIFA 11 does a great job of bringing world’s most liked sports game on iPhone and iPad. It is the best FIFA game on mobile I have ever played. If you don’t have it you should get it now.

 FIFA iphone 300x200  FIFA 11 300x200

FIFA ios 300x200   FIFA best 300x200


4) World of Goo

world of goo 300x200

World of  Goo is one of the best puzzle game available on the Appstore. It is very simple to play, all you have to do is, build a path using Goo balls to reach a pipe hole and the pipe will suck the Goo balls. Every stage is different and challenging from the previous and you have to think harder and harder to complete the next stage. Graphics of the game are very good too. If you like puzzle games then you should have this game. 

back in time


world of goo iphone 300x200


Chapter 1: The Goo filled hills

Chapter 2: Little Miss World of Goo

Chapter 3: Cog in Machine

Chapter 4: Information Superhighway

Epilogue: End of the World


 world of goo corporation

5) Zombie Gunship

You are ensconced in flying gunship and you’ll be flying around the bunker. You’ll save the survivors from zombies, the civilians will enter your bunker and you have to stop zombies from getting into the bunker. Surveillance camera picture quality is very awesome. Game sound effects are very good too. If you don’t have this game you should get it right now and start killing zombies!   

 zombie gunship

zombie mission

zombie settings
zombie objectives zombie shot

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