5 Famous iPhone Apps for Kids in 2012

5 Famous iPhone Apps for Kids in 2012

iPhonestic brings you 5 famous iPhone Apps for Kids. There are millions of apps on App Store, so it’s hard to find the apps for kids which really have worth. So here are the famous apps of this year, with these apps your kid can learn and can have fun at the same time.


Bookworm is developed by PopCap, with great graphics. You have to link letters to make it word, bigger the word bigger will be the bonus in return, and if you don’t find any word then you just have to shake your phone, the letters will be re-arranged. The app also have the timed game where you can test your lexicographical prowess. There are lots of stages in this app. This game will be fun for all the ages, rated 4+ by the users. It’s available on App Store in $2.99.

BookWorm by popCap 200x300 BookWorm home 200x300
BookWorm Game 200x300 BookWorm 200x300

A Wacky Safari

If you love wild animals and want a good laugh then this app is perfect for you. There are five different activities which can be done. One of it is to put together the pieces of photo to make it a beautiful picture of an animal, and another is to call the animal friends with Wacky phone and then listen Wacky Jokes. You’ll have lots of fun playing this game. This app was tested first for laughability by many kids. Beside. The app is really easy to use and it’s available free on App Store. Rated 4+ by the users.

Wacky home 200x300 Wacky laugh and learn 200x300
Wacky game2 200x300 Wacky Game 200x300


This game have great graphics that bring quality 3D renderings and animations to your iPhone. You have to blow into microphone, the balloon will inflate than you have to shake it gently, with each shake your balloon will take greater shape. The app is packed with collection of balloon animals including a fish, T-Rex, and snails- 10 in-all. The app is really easy to use and very enjoyable. Two versions of this App are available, one of them is totally free and the other one costs $1.99. Free version don’t have all the features. It’s rated 4+ by the users.

Ballonimals loading 200x300 Ballonimal 200x300
Balloonimals shake 200x300  

Green Eggs and Ham

The app is very great and has very easy user interface. This is actually a book which will tell you story. There are three options for story. “Read to me,” this option will read story for you and another option is “Read it Myself” in which you’ll read it and third and most interesting option is “Auto Play” which plays like a movie which will automatically read and turn pages. Kids will start learning without knowing. It’s a very great app, rated 4+ by the users. It’s available in $3.99.

Green Eggs and Hams 300x200 Green Eggs and ham start 300x200
Green Eggs and Hams SAM 300x200 Green Eggs and Hams 2 300x200

Playful Minds: Math

This is one of the first apps on App Store which are based on official academic program. This application is designed with teachers , it has perfect combination of fun and learning. Your kid will can learn Mathematics from 300 different exercises. Five categories are in this app: Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, Measurement and Number & Operations. This app is available free on App Store, but it needs subscription, which is to updated by every 12 months. It’s rated 4+ by the users.

playful home 300x200 playful result 300x200

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