5 famous iPhone hackers

5 famous iPhone hackers

iPhonestic brings you the 5 famous iPhone hackers. Though George Hotz @Geohot has left the jailbreaing mania but his prestigious work for iPhone jailbreaking won’t be forgotten. You can follow these hackers on twitter to keep yourself updated about jailbreaking mania. Thanks to the hackers which are still working to bring us jailbreaks and unlock solutions for free.


MuscleNerd is one of the member of iPhone Dev-team. He is providing us tips for jailbreaking , beside this he’s is more focused on iPhone baseband unlocking. Follow him on twitter to get latest updates on jailbreak and unlock tools. (MuscleNerd)

Jay Freeman

Jay Freman commonly known as saurik, is a member of iPhone Dev-team. He created Cydia, Mobile substrate and Winter board app. Beside this he also manages his own Cydia server to store SHSH blogs. These SHSH blogs can be used to downgrade you firmware of your device which is not allowed by Apple. (saurik)


 Comex is a iPhone hacker behind Spirit and JaibreakMe. His recent major hacks were used in Limera1n, GreenPoisOn, PwnageTool, and SnOwbreez which allowed to do jailbreak on iOs 4.1 on all Apple devices. @MuscleNerd said he figured out the to extend PwnageTool+Limera1n+@comex hacks  to untethered jailbreaks for all future A4 firmwares. (comex)


He has developed some useful tools like iREB and fOrecast, beside these he’s the man behind SnOwbreez, a tool which is PwnageTool for Windows OS. This tool can is used to create custom IPSW files which jailbreaks your device when restored through iTunes without upgrading it’s Base Band version. (iH8snOw)

 Sherif Hashim

He is a neurosurgeon by profession, but he is more famous as iPhone base band hacker. He founded AT+XAPP exploit, this was also used by iPhone Dev-team in UltrasnOw 1.0-1 which unlocks iPhone baseband 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04. He has also founded a exploit which could lead to unlock iOS 4.1 baseband  05.14.02/2.10.04. (sherif_hashim)



Post Title: 5 famous iPhone hackers

Last Updated: July 10, 2012

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