5 Most Likely iPhone 5 Concepts

5 Most Likely iPhone 5 Concepts

iPhonestic brings you 5 Most Likely iPhone 5 concepts. We can’t tell you how iPhone 5 will look like but Photoshop legion have taken initiative to show us what we might have in stores. Here’s our pick of the best iPhone 5 concepts.

By Vchenjingyuangel

There are rumors that iPhone 5 may get curved screen. Perhaps years before of it’s time, this bendy iPhone concept is presented by Flicker user Vchenjingyuangel. Thin phone with bendy screen would undoubtedly be very cool, but it looks impractical because many questions rise with this concept like: Where does the Battery go ? What about charging socket ? so many questions.


iPhone Air by Ciccarese Design

iPhone Air looks like Macbook/Pro/Air. This concept gives ultrathin profile to iPhone 5 which is pretty cool. It will be cool if mobile phone have strong block of aluminum because aluminum is light, durable, and it doesn’t effect signal power as well. The home button in this concept is upgraded edge-to-edge screen and almost spills over the sides.

iphone air concept

By Handyflash

Most common characteristic in concepts of iPhone 5 is that it will have the Razor profile like MacBook Air. This concept from HandyFlash would make iPhone 5 as thin as four credit cards stacked together. This concept is pretty cool and it’s almost believable, but the iPhone 5 tag at the bottom doesn’t look good.


By Antonello Falcone

Antonello Falcone’s concept has gone for edge-to-edge screen dominance. It has 4.6 inch display and it’s slim at 8.4mm. It also have iPhone’s traditional home button with a touch sensitive offering. Dashboard Widget is placed on the right, it works with Notification Centre.

falcone concept 

By Michal Bonikowski

iPhone 5‘s features are rumoures to have iPad 2- style having aluminium backside. The idea is fetched by iPad‘s curved back. The home button is disposed off and is given touch-screen sensitivity option. The Michal Bonikowski’s concept looks very close to the real thing unlike majority insane iPhone 5 concepts.

iphone 5 concept


Post Title: 5 Most Likely iPhone 5 Concepts

Last Updated: July 16, 2012

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