Apple vs Android war in 2012

Apple vs Android war in 2012

iPhonestic brings you Apple vs Android war in 2012. Elaborated differences will tell you which device is better for you. Market shares will tell you which devices are more liked by people. 


Here are the main differences among them, so that you get an idea which one is better for you.

Source Code

Apple is closed source and no other company can use this operating system (iOS). Access to software is not given to iOS users, so the responsibility of its software development is on the shoulders of company, easing customers experience. 

Unlike Apple, Android is an open source owned by Google and every company can use this operating system. Google is improving it’s feature with developing new apps to facilitate users. Google also allows its users to edit the software or add new applications.

Operating System

Apple has it’s own operating system which is reserved for Apple devices only like iPhone, iPad, iPod, and tablets. It’s operating don’t have any further categories and it’s very unique. Because of it’s uniqueness, Apple devices still have a prominent position in industry.

Android is derived from Linux and have many further categories like Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Ginger bread, Honey comb, and ice-cream. Every version is different from it’s predecessor. You will notice difference in usage among them.


Apple has very tight security because it’s operating system is locked by Apple. Security patches and bugs are intended to secure Apple device. Applications can be downloaded only after authentication procedure.

Android being open source is more easy for viruses and security threats but these threats are left for the sake of improving software with the help of language programmers and hobbyist programmers, those who have passion for software development.

Market Shares


According to mobile phone tracking firm IDC, in first quarter of 2012 Android and iOS dominated the mobile phone market. Combined they share 82% share in 152.3 million smartphones shipped in first quarter. Phones with Android operating system share 59% of the market share. Biggest contributor among all Android devices were Samsung devices with 45.4% share.

With 23% market share, second was Apple’s iOS. The biggest contributor was iPhone 4s among all devices. IDC’s senior research analyst says the popularity of both platforms is because of their ability to make “the smartphone experience intuitive and seamless.”

Symbian and Blackberry shares 6.8% and 6.4% respectively, and Windows Mobile enjoys only 2.2% of the market share. 

In U.S

According to comScore’s MobiLens Android is the most popular smartphone operating system. Android devices shares above 50% of the market share in U.S, followed by Apple’s iOS which shares 32%. Blackberry at 11.4% and Windows phone at 4%. Out of 234 million active devices, Samsung have 25.7% active smartphone devices followed by LG at 19.1%.

In China

A Beijing based firm has said that Android has risen from 33.6% to 68.4% market share. iOS in comparison lagged behind with just 5.7%, and Symbian maintaining 18.7% share. So in most populated country of the world is Android dominated.

All markets are mostly dominated by Android devices at this time, but we should consider that Android is being used by many companies and iOS is used by only Apple. Apple is also too slow to launch it’s new devices and they haven’t came up with a new thing from a long time but we hope that iPhone 5 will be different device and will make difference in market shares.

Post Title: Apple vs Android war in 2012

Last Updated: July 18, 2012

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