Best Math App for iPhone 4/4S

Best Math App for iPhone 4/4S

iPhonetic brings you Best Math App for iPhone. Many Apps are available on App Store to learn different subjects. So it’s not surprising if you don’t find a app which is worthy. If you are searching app to learn mathematics here is the best we found.

iMathematics Pro

iMathematics Pro is powered Antonio Giarrusso. It is the best math app for iPhone with more than 120 topics and 700 formulas. The app have 8 different solvers and calculators. Very unique interface.

The app have great features. Contains more than 700 formulas, theorem, and definitions. App is divided into different sections, so you can search what you want even faster just by adding it to your favorites. You can get help in Arithmetic, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Analytic Geometry, Goniometry, Analysis, Trigonometry, Probability. Each and every topic is nicely elaborated and every topic of these sections has link to Wikipedia. After learning from the app you are not left at you own. The app has more than 100 quizzes so you can master topic you want. Beside these the app will teach you how to use advanced calculator for each topic. You get a print out of anything you want via AirPrint.

Beside all the great features, the game have many more things to help you learning. Scientific Calculator can do hardest calculatios for you while Quadratic Equation Solver to find solutions very quickly. Fractions can be found in one tap with Fraction Approximator, on the mean time Matrices Solver can apply different operations on matrices between 3×3. Advance Calculator is also available in the app to solve derivatives, integrals, and other problems. Another utility is there so you can find definition of different mathematical terms, which is called Math Glossary.

The App have great graphics and very unique and easy interface. You can share on Facebook and Twitter whatever you are learning. It’s available on App Store in just $0.99.

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iMathematics Sections

iMathematics Arithematic

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Last Updated: August 16, 2012

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