Clueful App for iPhone 4/4S Reviewed

Clueful App for iPhone 4/4S Reviewed

iPhonestic brings you Clueful App for iPhone 4/4S Reviewed. A very interesting app for you which can tell you about the app and the information it can give about you. Sometimes your battery drains very quickly and you don’t know which app is causing this, this app can help you finding that app. Find many more features on Clueful.

Clueful is developed by BitDefender. The App can scan your all the apps on your iPhone and can tell you what type of information is that app accessing. You can get the information of different things about your app. Like it will can tell you about the apps which can track your position.

All the features, the app is having are that it can tell about the apps which can track you location, app that can read you address book, apps that might drain battery, apps that us iPhone’s unique id, apps that display add, apps that gather analytics. The app actually retrieves information from Clueful Cloud. It’s the space developed by BitDefenfer, where all the data on apps is maintained. BitDefender claims that it can it can tell you about misdemeanant apps, but iPhone users don’t have to worry much about malware because Apple test apps and then they are available on Appstore. This app is available on Appstore for $3.99.



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Post Title: Clueful App for iPhone 4/4S Reviewed

Last Updated: August 25, 2012

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