How did Apple come up with the idea for the iPhone

How did Apple come up with the idea for the iPhone

iPhonestic brings you How did Apple come up with the idea for the iPhone. While all the credit is given to Apple, but iPhone is a global effort. Many companies around the world contributed to make iPhone possible. The main thing of iPhone is it’s software which is developed by Apple itself.

The history of iPhone started when Steve Jobs directed engineers at Apple to investigate touchscreens. The development of the device was started a decade before it’s launch when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. In 1999 Apple acquired the rights of the domain Years later Apple’s chief announced that they are willing to invest in advance mobile handsets. In an interview in 2002 Steve Jobs mentioned that they are working on next generation smartphone. 

After several years keeping details of smartphone under wrap they unveiled iPhone in January 2007. Steve Jobs described the device as ‘revolutionary’ and an ‘innovative design.’


iPhone’s origin date back to the Newton MessagePad that Apple launched in 1993. Apple were investigating the touch screen for a tablet like device but they realized that it won’t be good enough for the market and thought that what they have developed could be use in cell phone. The knowledge they gained while working on iPods, especially their synchronization with iTunes, Apple had to put together all the pieces for iPhone.

In April 2003 at “D:All Things Digital” coference, Steve Jobs expressed that he did believe that cell phones will be important devices for portable information access. All cell phone need was excellent synchronization software. At that time Apple put energies into iPod, and iTunes software. In September, 2005 Apple and Motorola unveiled ROKR E1, the first mobile which could use iTunes. Jobs wasn’t happy with ROKR, as he believed that the design of ROKR was not up to standards.

Global Effort

iPhone actually is a global effort. More than 10 thousand people in 30 companies and in 3 continents worked together to make first iPhone possible. Apple designed the device and the most important thing they developed software which gives Apple uniqueness. While Apple gets all the credit but there were many company which provided the complex parts of iPhone. Some of them are well known like Intel provided NOR chips which hold iPhone’s system software, Samsung which provided video processor IC. Japan’s Sanyo Epson and Sharp provides 3.5 inch bright display.

Foxconn Technology Group is the largest manufacturer of electronics and computer components worldwide. They manufacture on contract to other companies. Foxconn manufacture iPhone for Apple, beside this they also manufacture Mac mini, iPod, and iPad for Apple

Here is the list of all companies which are contributing different parts of iPhone from it’s beginning.

  • Software and design is developed by Apple itself.
  • TFT-LCD screen is made by Sanyo Epson, Sharp from Japan.
  • Video-Processor Chip by Korea based Samsung.
  • Touch-Screen overlay by Germany based Balda.
  • Bluetooth-Chip by Cambridge Silicon Radio, UK.
  • Chip manufacture by Taiwan based TSMC, UMC.
  • Baseband IC by Infineon Technology, Germany.
  • WIFI Chip by Marvell, USA.
  • Touch screen control chip by Broadcom, USA.
  • CMOS chip by Micron, USA.
  • NOR Flash ICs by Intel, USA.
  • Display Driver chip by National Semi, US and Novatek, Taiwan.
  • Case, Mechanical parts by Catcher and Foxconn Tech, Taiwan.
  • Camera lens by Largan Precision, Taiwan.
  • Camera module by Taiwan based Altus-Tech, Primax, and Lite On.
  • Battery Charger by Delta Electronics, Taiwan.
  • Timing Crystal by TXC, Taiwan.
  • Passive components by Cyntec, Taiwan.
  • Connector and cables by Cheng Uei and Entery, Taiwan.

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