How to Develop an iPhone App without Mac

How to Develop an iPhone App without Mac

iPhonestic brings you How to develop an iPhone App without Mac. Please note before reading that there is no official solution for developing an app without Mac. You have to get SDK running on Mac OS X for development, and if you can’t afford a Mac, use Flash’s iPhone packager or send someone else to compile your code. Here is our research for you to do development without Mac, hope that it will be helpful.

Ways to Develop on Windows Platform

Appcelerator Titanium is a good solution to develop app on windows, they are html/javascript based. This community is very popular. Apps are limited in performance in this platform.

Flash CS5.5 is a very good solution for developing with Flash iPhone Packager. This will allow you to compile apps on windows platform but don’t expect highest performance game to run in here. You can use Flex compiler and can develop apps, you just have to follow the asme guidelines.

The Airplay SDK is a very good solution for 2D and 3D games and apps. This will allow you to create games and can sign your app
on Windows.

Stonetrip 3D will allow you to develop games and editor with LUA which runs in Windows.

Genuitec MobiOne is an interface designer, it uses the Phonegap framework to deliever functionality. You can create apps with
web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascipt and then run them through an Objective-C framework that responds to actions in UIWebView.
These sre free but you’ll need Mac for compilation.

Dragonfire SDK allows to develop apps using SDK, then you have to upload your uncompiled code and you’ll get compiled iOS application, you have to get ultimate edition to upload your codes.

Beside these Unity 3D and Stonetrip 3D are game development engines which use C# and LUA respectively, editors works within Windows.

Steps to do on Linux

You have to follow some steps to do app development on Linux. Before going towards step let me give you list of things you should have before starting. You should have Jailbroken iPhone and a Wifi connection so that your phone could communicate with your computer, a copy of phone’s firmware and iPhone 3.0 SDK are also necessary.

Since you have Jailbroken your iPhone so you should have Cydia package manager. Use Cydia to install OpenSSH which will install SSH Daemon on your phone, so that you can SSH your phone from computer. The SSH and SCP will be included by your makefile so that your app will install properly. Make sure that you OpenSSH is running before moving further.

Use Cydia to install Apt. and then use Apt. to install ldid package. Some makefiles will use this to pseudo-sign the app on the phone. Then install toolchain including installation of packages.You can find different ways to install toolchain.

Follow the instructions to download and build HelloToolchain application. Your phone and computer should be connected to same Wifi connection and you should know IP of your phone.

Once that simple app builds, installs and runs you are almost in business.

Post Title: How to Develop an iPhone App without Mac

Last Updated: July 26, 2012

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