iPhone 5 Release Date Officially Announced

iPhone 5 Release Date Officially Announced


iPhonestic brings you confirmed release date of iPhone 5. We had been reporting all things regarding iPhone 5, already we have reported the release date of iPhone which was 12th of September. But now it is officially confirmed that Apple will arrange an event on September, 12th and the company for the first time have given clues about it’s upcoming device. So we don’t have to wait longer now for iPhone 5

Apple had been very secretive about it’s product launch but for the first time they have announced the name of the gadget in advance. The Apple gave invitations for a special event on September 12. The picture given by Apple features a ’5′ in the shadow of the date.

Last year, whole media was wrong-footed at the launch of iPhone 4S. The attendees had in a mind, taht the new gadget will be named as iPhone 5. No clue had been offered beforehand.

Let me remind you some more facts. Same thing happened at the launch oof “the new iPad.” The people were expecting iPad 3 or iPad HD. Even at the launch of iPhone in 2007, there was a doubt as to whether the device would be called iPhone because Cisco already had an IP technology. At the launch Steve Jobs pulled one out on stage at Moscone West in San Francisco did it emerge that the two companies had come to an agreement.

This time shadowy 5 tells that Apple is going to be less mysterious in its product launch. Indeed, if the iPhone 5 is little more than the incremental innovations we’ve been hearing about i-e a longer, thinner screen, a smaller dock connector, and no NFC (near-field communications), it may be a prudent move for the company to deflate the bubble of speculation a little.

Post Title: iPhone 5 Release Date Officially Announced

Last Updated: September 4, 2012

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