iPhone Production Inside Facts

iPhone Production Inside Facts

iPhonestic brings you iPhone Production Inside Facts. We all know about iPhone’s amazing display, great multi-tasking ability and other technical issues but how it is made ? This will give you a brief idea about the designing and manufacturing of different components of iPhone

Where is it’s Display Manufactured

The iPhone has 3.5 inch, 960×640 pixel resolution retina display. iPhone’s display is designed by Apple itself and manufactured by LG. It has IPS (In-plane switching) technology, the liquid crystals cells are horizontally aligned which reduces the amount of light scattering and so it produces good colors.

The TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen have LED backlit and density of 326 pixels per inch. Optical Lamination is also added to give display sharpness and clearness. Ultra-Precise positioning technique and liquid metal glue are used to bond glass to metal frame.

Design of iPhone

Design is manufactured by thier own alloy and is five times stronger than standard steel. The frame is considered as phone’s primary structure and also works as it’s antenna. This also leads to signal problems which is brought up many times in past but it’s much improved in new iPhone models.

Both front and the back are made of alumino-silicate glass which is 30 times harder than plastic and 20 times stiffer. And the glass is theoratically scratch resistant and much durable.

Apple believes that manufacturing processes and innovative designs are apparent in everyday use of the phone.

Internal Chips of iPhone

The Apple A5 and A5x chips are designed by Apple but manufactured by Samsung. Apple and Samsung battles in the courts over the design of iPad but the US based company is relying on its rival over essential chips.

The A5 processor is made in Austin, Texas which is owned by Korean based electronic giant Samsung. The A4 chips were also manufactured by Samsung.

Assembled in China ?

Turn your iPhone device and you’ll see that it’s assembled in China. But it doesn’t mean that most of the profit is going there. In fact only around 1 percent of the revenue is going there. More than 60 % of the profit goes to Apple, American engineers, other American based companies, and some of profit goes to American workers.

 iPhone is sourced with components from different parts of world and most of them are from southeast Asia, that is why they are assembled in China. China makes very little amount of money from these things.

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Last Updated: July 15, 2012

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