Most Likely iPhone 5 Release Date

Most Likely iPhone 5 Release Date

The release date of iPhone 5 is confirmed by some sources, the sources from China have confirmed that it is strongly expected that iPhone 5 will make appearance on 12th of September and will be launched after 9 days on 21st of September. This source have proven pretty accurate in past. The iPod nano will be announced at the same day. There are some rumors about the release of iPad mini as well but we haven’t heard it so far.

Know Your Mobile is handset blog which has cited a reliable industry source in suggesting that Apple might officialy confirm the release of of long awaited iPhone 5 by second week of August.

Many people gave opinion that iPhone 5 will be launched in October as iPhone 4S was launched in October 4, 2011. The gap between the launch of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was 16 months but the September 21 schedule would put iPhone 5 launch just after 11 months after iPhone 4S.

If the date proves to be correct, it would mean that Apple is returning to 12-month launch cycles, as it was till first four versions of iPhone. The iPhone 4S came with different upgradings, with fast processor, improved camera, Siri voice control and some other things but the iPhone 5 is likely to bring
revolutionary approach, perhaps with 4G LTE internet and a larger screen.

And this means that we just have to wait for 5 weeks for long awaited iPhone 5. As iPhone 5 is rumored to be a different device many people are waiting for it, especially the 4G LTE and a larger screen will be the most favorite features if they come with iPhone 5

Post Title: Most Likely iPhone 5 Release Date

Last Updated: August 8, 2012

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