Oxford Mathematics Dictionary for iPhone

Oxford Mathematics Dictionary for iPhone

iPhonestic brings you Oxford Mathematics Dictionary for iPhone. Many of us would be familiar with Oxford Dictionary of English, as they are considered best. Mathematics is considered as roots for many sciences. So here is the Oxford Dictionary for Mathematics which provide you with lots of topics on Math. It can help you in many ways if you are a student or teacher of Math

Mathematics – Oxford Dictionary

The Mathematics – Oxford Dictionary is powered by Handmark. A reliable and authoritative concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics. Anyone studying, teaching, or affiliated with any field of Math can use this dictionary to learn what the person want. If lectures are boring, then you can learn many topics From this App. This superb reference have more than 3,000 alphabetically arranged entries, which provide us the definitions of many topics, even the most technical terms can be found. The app will elaborate the topic with graphs, diagrams, and charts so you can understand it well. The dictionary gives introduction of subjects such as linear algebra, optimization, nonlinear equations, and differential equations. 

The dictionary covers both pure and applied mathematics. You can get topics from Statistics as well. Beside these, you’ll also get mathematics of general interest such as fractals, game theory, and chaos. The valuable information is also a part  of App, like list of Nobel prize winners of the field and many more. The App is available on App Store in $14.99.

 Oxford dictionary mathematics

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