Photos of iPhone 5 Motherboard leaked

Photo of iPhone 5 Motherboard leaked

iphone 5 motherboard

iPhonestic brings you Photos of iPhone 5 Motherboard leaked. There are rumors around us from a very long time about iPhone 5. As the September is coming near, more and more things about iPhone are coming out. Here is another photo leaked.

Logic board of upcoming next-generation iPhone has cropped up on Chinese iPhone forum. The board was examined and is said to have more antenna connections than iPhone 4S, so LTE connectivity is coming with iPhone 5.

The photo was first reported by 9to5Mac. The site suggested there’s no usual labeling on board, so it would be a prototype unit. It also does not contain the processors.

9to5Mac got iPhone repair specialists to examine the board. and they made some observations.

It was rumored from a long time that iPhone 5 would come with LTE and after iPad got technology then it looked obvious. The board has more antenna connections than iPhone 4S, which means LTE is most probably be coming in iPhone 5.

The SIM card slot is smaller. So Apple would be switching to newer nano-SIM card. The nano-SIM card is even smaller than the micro-SIM, which is currently used by iPhone 4S users.

There was a rumor about the battery couple of days ago, that the battery of iPhone 5 will be more powerful. The leaked photos tells the same thing. The battery connector has four pins instead of five which means a higher-capacity battery.

Obviously the most awaiting feature of iPhone 5 is it’s screen. The board photo tells that connector for display is changed. This would means that larger screen is coming.

Post Title: Photo of iPhone 5 Motherboard leaked

Last Updated: August 15, 2012

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