Possible iOS 6 Feature Tweaks

Possible iOS 6 Feature Tweaks

Most probably iOS 6 will be launced in September with iPhone 5. We are familiar with big new features of iOS 6 but the rumors about unannounced features at tech sites are reaching very high. Apple have announced all the main features of iOS 6 in June at WWDC, but the leaked information about the features is spreading like a fire in forest. We cannot be sure about these features but this would be in stores for us very soon.

Any iPhone user would be familiar with, you have to write your Apple ID before downloading any app. But you life would get little easier than before. As iOS 6 would not ask you for Apple ID when you are downloading a free app. This is not a life changing feature but you would get rid of general annoyance.

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One of the new feature is Wi-Fi Plus Cellular, this new feature will let you set your iPhone automatically switch to cellular data when your Wi-Fi connection is not working. That’s a very good feature, you don’t have to swap among them if you don’t have a regular Wi-Fi connection.

It is also reported that Apple has relaxed privacy settings for Bluetooth to allow data sharing among apps. It could be used for sharing data among iOS device, like multilayer games. This is not a new feature for the world, it’s available on other devices but this is the feature iOS really wants.

There is rumor around from a long time about iPhone 5‘s taller screen. iPhone 5 would get a taller screen but the horizontal and vertical dimensions would remain same. The taller screen shown in the photos would push the new iPhone display resolution to 640×1,136 pixels, making it very close to a 16:9 ratio. According to 9to5Mac, Apple could then show five rows of app icons on the home screen rather than just four. This will be great improvement in iOS 6.

iOS6 9to5Mac rumor


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Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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