Reasons Why You Should Choose iPhone 4s

Reasons Why You Should Choose iPhone 4s over other Available in Market

iPhonestic brings you Reasons Why Should You Choose iPhone 4s over other Available in Market. We all are familiar with stunning specifications of iPhone 4s by now. There are models available in market which are powerful than iPhone 4s but iPhone is still a best device for many of us as the speed available in iPhone is good enough for many of us. Without going to it’s technical specs here are some reasons why you should choose iPhone 4s over other phones available in market.

Retina Display

Retina display makes iPhone 4/4s a very unique device. Some of the devices like Galaxy line come close to it’s display but they are not as sharp as retina display. It’s pixels can’t be caught with naked eye. Same material used in helicopters and fast moving trains, is used in it’s retina display. It’s scratch resistant and much more durable.

 the retina display

Wider Selection of Apps

Every download from App Store makes you iPhone more special. The Apple has more than 600000 apps in App Store. You can find app for yourself, regardless what you do. Almost every type of app is available, from a kid to professional businessman, everyone can find his taste on App Store. If you are confused selecting one, among thousands you can find most popular among people. You can buy and send as a gift to your loved ones through App Store.

wider selection of apps


Most important thing for many of us is security. All the Apple devices are secured from malwares and other security threats. All the apps available on App Store are authenticated first. None of it’s user can edit its operating system unlike Android. Not only for iPhone 4s, with any of Apple devices in your hand you’ll not be worried about security threats.

apple security

Battery Life

The battery of iPhone is incredible, it’s battery life gives up to seven hours of talktime and upto six hours of 3G data usage. According to Apple spec sheet. It can give you more than a day in sleep mode or if you use it occasionally.

better battery life

Regular Update for you iOS

Apple lets all it’s users to enjoy free update to iOS. Apple launch updates at least once in a year. No one other than iOS user get regular updates. Like Android updates come at discretion, you might have to wait for months to get any update.

iOS 6

Best Video Chat

With Built-in FaceTime function, video conferencing is best in iPhone 4S. With it’s update to skype you can make video chat for free. Many phones in market have front camera but no one even come close to FaceTime.



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Last Updated: July 22, 2012

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