Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 4s

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 4s

iPhonetic brings you Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 4s head to head review. Apple and Samsung are the two biggest rivals of mobile technology. Both companies have claimed that their design have been copied by the others and have requested in different courts to ban other’s device in various countries. Regardless of what company announces which product Apple and Samsung will be tangled in patent battles forever. Apple iPhone has been adopted by many users but it got a tough competition from many Android devices.


Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t bring us ceramic casing that we hoped of. It’s a big phone with design similar to that Galaxy Nexus. It has a supporting curved back. It’s design is really attractive. It’s a slim and light weight device.


iPhone 4S‘s design is similar to that of iPhone 4. Expectations of most of the people were dashed at WWDC when Apple showed the same design. Nonetheless it’s glass front and back looks pretty good still. As the new new phones are coming so at 9mm thick it looks little plump. As the new phones are thinner so it’s design look little old.



Samsung Galaxy S3 has 8 megapixels camera, same as Galaxy S2. The camera software is a good deal, at least better than it has been in past. Pictures can be snapped in fractions, it can take up to 20 pictures in in a quick burst, it can be handy capturing action moments. But there’s no dedicated button for camera.


4S‘s camera is also 8 megapixels but it’s on of the favorite snapper among people. With it’s HDR feature it has beaten new models like Xperia S and HTC One X. It has a built-in editing tool. It’s sensor features “next-generation backside illumination,” an upgrade that made it better than iPhone 4‘s. It proves that you don’t need pixels for you camera it’s the quality that matters.   



S3 brings latest Samsung‘s TouchWiz software, and it’s loaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The software is pleasant and very easy to use but not as simple as HTC Sense software which is in HTC One X. It does have a voice-assistance software named S Voice, it serves similar as Siri. 


iPhone 4s uses iOS 5. It’s known as a user-friendly and pretty straightforward. It’s simple functionality makes it popular in people, however simple life is not liked by everyone, that’s why Android have flourished. It’s personal voice assistance Siri was liked by most of the people and i think it’s better than S3′s S Voice.



Galaxy S3 is quad-core Exynos chip running at 1.4 GHz, backed with 1GB of RAM. It was expected that it would be quad-core,so it is, but hopes were set on more than 1.4 GHz. We hoped that we will get 2GB RAM, which would have made it a super fast multi-tasker. I think we have to wait for S4 for that. Nonetheless it’s a very fast and powerful device.


iPhone 4s offers considerably less set of specs, with 1GHz chip and RAM around 512MB. However it manages to pull best out of it. It offers much speed increase over its predecessor, and still able to run apps and games quite easily.



S3 has a large 4.8 inch screen, it’s predecessor has 4.3 inch scree so it’s a big step-up. Galaxy S2 has a AMOLED Plus display but it has a Super Amoled display. The users didn’t find much difference but it has a colorful and bright display.

iPhone 4s has the same screen as the 4, but retina display is very good, so it’s fine. It’s only 3.5 inches which is just not enough for the latest games and apps. It’s colors are handled very well and text is super sharp.

4s vs galaxy s3

Who is the winner ?

Galaxy S3′s large and brighter screen put it above iPhone 4s, and it’s powerful components make it a swift device. I think Samsung would have done better with it’s camera, iPhone 4S‘s camera is better than S3. As a whole Galaxy S3 is more powerful, more equipped and a very well-designed device. I hope that October’s launch will be a blast and will beat the Galaxy series.

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Last Updated: July 10, 2012

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