Tools to Maximize iPhone Battery life

Tools to Maximize iPhone Battery life

iPhonestic brings you Tools to Maximize iPhone Battery Life. Many people face battery problems while using iPhone. The battery life of iPhone 4S is pretty well and it’s very improved. Here are the tools to maximize the iPhone Battery Life so that you can make you iPhone’s experience better. Jailbreakers have provided us with utility app to maximize battery life which is also given below.

Jailbreak Tweak

Jailbreakers are in market to provide us with effective battery life-enhancing jailbreak tweak. One of the thing that is the solution, and a very good solution is BattSaver. It works like carat, identifies the aspects of iPhone which are draining the battery life.

The software concentrates on iPhone‘s Wi-Fi and cellular connections. It means that BattSaver can manage iPhone radios to provide the users with enhanced battery timings. BattSaver will allow you to choose one of five battery saving strategies. Three of them are preset, one of them is custom and offcourse the last one is None.

Normal Mode - When your iPhone is sleeping, all radio signals of you phone will be disabled, thus your battery will be saved. It will check for emails every 15 minutes. So it’s quite helpful.

Aggressive Mode – The Aggressive mode do same as Normal Mode except it will also disable the data connection if you are connected with Wi-Fi. The GSM cellular radio is left alone so your calls and SMS messages will not be stopped. Unlike Normal mode, your data radios will be enabled every 45 minutes to check e-mails and notifications.

Ultimate Mode – It is the extreme of the three. This mode disables all radio signals of your iPhone. You can say it does the same as enabling Airplane mode on your phone.

So all the three modes provide a variation and Custom mode allows you to customize every aspect of how BattSaver affects the iPhone in question. Many of the configurations are available.

This app is very great, it’s available in $2.99 at Cydia store. You can go for Carat if you are looking for free tool to save your iPhone’s battery.

App Store Tweak

There are many apps available on App Store which can maximize your battery but we are reviewing the best we have found. The best App we found in App Store is Battery Doctor Pro. More than 3000000 people are using this app. It’s the top app in 30+ countries. It is said to be full featured battery app which provides you with 

The app will tell tou the remaining usage time based on specific device and available battery capacity. It is the most accurate app with 1% battery level increment. When your battery is down to 20% then Doctor can be launched through home screen.

Your iPhone will be fastly charge to 100% and then it will be fully charged. and the trickle charge will help battery to glow your phone for a longer time. You can customize your theme with any photo available in the Camera Roll.  A lot of information for the proper use of your battery is provided in the app. You can Adjust your system settings followed by those Tips, and your battery will be longer than before.

The iPhone‘s battery is maintained after 400 charge and discharge cycles, thanks to Battery Doctor Pro, 80 % of the original battery capacity can be retained.

You should get this app to get out of your iPhone‘s battery. It’s available on App Store in $0.99 and this app totally worth it.

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Last Updated: August 10, 2012

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