Why Should You Prefer iPhone Over Android

Why Should You Prefer iPhone Over Android

iPhonestic brings you Why Should You Prefer iPhone Over Android. Apple and Google are rivals for a long time now and it make decision very hard for the people whether they should go with iPhone or an Android phone. So here are we to make it easy for you up to some extent.

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Apple’s App Store had been lead the way with highest numbers of apps from a long time but according to press release from Apple in June, 2013 App Store has more than 900,000 apps and Google has more than 975,000 apps on the Play Store. 

So when it comes to numbers Android obviously succeeds but iOS gets apps before Android because of Android’s method. Play Store have more apps but Apple still holds big-name apps.



Many people like big sized cell phones when it comes to phones and iPhones are smaller than most of the Android phones.iPhone 5 is the tallest of the iPhones since and it is 4.87 inches and it weighs 3.95 ounces. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is 5.38 inches and weighs 4.59 ounces while HTC One’s 5.41 inches and weighs 5 ounces.

Comparing iPhone with most of the Android phones it can be said that iPhone can be easily carried and you can easily put it in your pocket.


There are many companies using Android as their cell phone’s operating system so it would vary from device to device to do the same function because of different interfaces but it will have potential for customizing.

When it comes to Apple’s iOS functions they remain homogeneous across all the devices. So if your are a iOS user you will need to remember only one password using iClouds.



Being an open source operating system Android might have some security loops because anyone can access the code and customize it. It might be good for developers but not for all the people

When it comes to security Apple is very strict and no one could access the code which makes it more secure than Android.

It is still very hard to make a decision whether to go for iPhone over Android but if have issues with any of the given issues you should go with Apple’s iPhone.

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Last Updated: July 30, 2013

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