Why You Should Wait for iPhone 5

Why You Should Wait for iPhone 5

iPhonestic brings you Why You Should Wait for iPhone 5. WWDC 2012 had come and gone without any iPhone 5 announcement. Leaving many consumers wondering should they wait for iPhone 5 which will be announced this fall. Nothing is confirmed about the iPhone 5 and Apple have been very secretive about it’s hardware and it’s known to test several prototypes in the build up to eventual release of iPhone. So here is iPhonestic with reasons why you should wait for iPhone 5.


Apple launched it’s first 4G LTE in March in third generation iPad. Which means that iPhone will likely come with 4G. Which means the data speed will be 10 times faster than the typical 3G. You can ask any of the person which use 4G LTE and then that person will tell why you should wait for iPhone 5. It might be the first phone which would feature 4G LTE. The company haven’t confirmed anything about the parts of iPhone 5.

New Exciting Features

When Apple announced iOS 5 in WWDC 2011, the company didn’t announce the Siri. The powerful voice control tool was announced with iPhone 4S so it can attract the people.  

So it’s expected by many that Apple will give iPhone a unique feature so that it can compete with other phones. It is heard that iPhone 5 prototypes features Near Field Communication (NFC), which could link to Apple’s new PassBook app so it can compete with Android’s Google Wallet.

New Design and Larger Screen

Many people expected a new design when iPhone 4S was launched, but the expections didn’t come true as the iPhone 4S borrowed heavily from previous iPhone 4. But the good news is that it is expected that iPhone 5 will have new design and it would be lighter in weight than iPhone 4S and the size of the screen will be modified.

Some points towards 4-inch screen. Leaked technical blueprints indicates that company is looking for a taller device. Since we all have seen photo of entire casing, a leaked front panel, and a hands-on video. All of these shares same dimensions.

The interesting thing is iPhone 5 seems to be taller but not wider than iPhone 4s. It would likely have screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. Which means it’s bigger screen is not just for the sake to compete with Android phones.

The problem with a different sized screen or with a different aspect ratio is that all the app developers have to re-design their apps, as they had to do when apple launched it’s original retina display, which will require some time definitely.

It Might be Waterproof

HZO company which have worked with Apple in the past once showed a demo in which they dipped the iPod in water and it still was playing the music. PocketLink is the company which heard that Apple and Samsung are interested in this technology but HZO have never said anything about this. So it is not confirmed but many sources have indicated that Apple wants iPhone 5 to be very durable from hardware standpoint.

Camera and Power

Apple announced A5X chip  with iPad which was pretty good but it is heard that A6 chip will be launched with iPhone 5 to give it significant boost in power. It will be a great step ahead.

iPhone 4S has HDR feature in it’s camera which is great. It is said that iPhone 5 will have HDR feature in making videos as well as the Sony had worked alot on this. HDR is a technique which balances light sources to have a colorful image.

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Last Updated: August 2, 2012

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